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Frequently Asked Questions - general matters

What is Choralia?

How long has Choralia been around?

Who runs the website?

Is there a relationship between Choralia and the Choral Public Domain Library (CPDL)?

Are training aids provided for free?

What can I do with Choralia's training aids?

Is donating mandatory?

What's the reasonable amount of a donation?

How can I donate?

For what purposes are donations used?

Frequently Asked Questions - license policy and copyright matters

Is the use of training aids by Choralia fully legal from a copyright viewpoint?

Are Choralia's training aids copyrighted? What's the copyright policy?

Can I make copies and distribute training aids to my choir or to others?

Can I make copies and sell training aids to my choir or to others?

How can I notify Choralia of a copyright infringement?

Frequently Asked Questions - technical matters

What's the difference between the various technologies (CMS, VS, mp3)?

What are the technical requirements for the various technologies (CMS, VS, mp3)?

Do I need a broadband connection (e.g., DSL, ADSL)?

Do I need a very powerful hardware?

Do I need any specific software?

What about technical support?

Frequently Asked Questions - specific requirements

May I request new works not currently included in the catalogues?

May I modify (e.g., transpose, slow down, etc.) existing works?

May I obtain source files (e.g., .myr, .mid) of existing works to modify them myself?

Frequently Asked Questions - warranty, updates and other information

What about warranty?

What about errors?

What about privacy of personal information provided (e.g., email addresses)?

I need further information not included in the FAQ. What shall I do?